New "In Their Face" Guarantee™

New “In Their Face” Guarantee™

We are proud to announce our exclusive “In Their Face” Guarantee™ on our Thug Spray™ and Stun Gun products. Thug Spray™ If you use your Thug Spray™ in a self-defense situation, send us a copy of the police report and tell us what happened and we’ll send you a new canister FREE! Stun Guns  If you […]

Trunk Escape 101

What would you do if you were locked in the trunk of a car?  Andy shows you how to escape in this video!

Tim takes a zap from the Phazzer Enforcer… Tim, meet Ground!

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How bright are our flashlight stun guns? Watch this!

We went into a dark spooky house to show you just how bright our flashlight stun guns really are!  Which one do you think will be the winner?  We test the Monster, Hornet, Electra, Inferno and Diablo2

What happens when we stun Tim with a stun gun?

  How does a stun gun work on an attacker? Watch as we test the 3 million volt Electra lipstick stun gun on our founder, Tim and see his reaction.  It was so funny we decided to not even edit it and just left it raw and uncut for you! (no bad words, so it’s […]

Zombie Defense Kits (be ready for the Walkers)

Zombie Defense Kits (be ready for the Walkers)

Defense against Zombie Attacks* I know that the team at Femme Defenses is excited about the return of The Walking Dead for another season, and we know lots of you are too, so we’ve put together some product packages based on extensive research (unfortunately no actual zombies were available for product testing). Since a stun […]

Product Photos

Product Photos

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